"Superb advice and really knowledgeable staff allowed me to purchase both a flat in Glasgow and a house in Ayrshire for investment purposes.

Professional recommendations to surveying firms and solicitors. All in all a pretty clever package."

Mrs D Smith, Paisley


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Why Invest in Property this Year?

With media reports fuelling the doom and gloom of the current market, it is easy for people to make excuses and sit on their hands, get 1% interest at the bank (less than current inflation!) and wait for the market to improve.

This however, doesn't have to be the case, when you consider property as a medium to long term investment. It's still possible to make the market work for you.

  • Rents continue to rise throughout the UK.
  • The population continues to grow by around 400,000 per annum.
  • Supply of new properties is way below the targets set.
  • Property investing can be pretty straightforward if you get your numbers clear and correct from day one.
  • You can buy a house now for £100k that is currently worth £125k through strong negotiating or a sourcer.
  • You invest £25k in this and get a 75% mortgage.
  • So on completion you have invested £25k and have £50k of equity.
  • Your mortgage on £75k of borrowing is £3750 per annum i.e. 5% interest only.
  • Your net rent i.e. after management and insurance is £5000 per annum.
  • So your passive income is £1250 per annum.
  • Over the next 10 years let's forecast that this property has gone up in value to £200k.
  • So your £25k investment in 2011 is now worth 125k.
  • You still have £75k of borrowing as you have had an interest only mortgage.
  • So your passive income has been good for 10 years.

Your net worth has gone up by 500% (ie: £25k is now worth 5 times as much). Compared to keeping this £25k in the bank, with an average of say 3% interest per annum, over 10 years your £25k would be worth about £45k.

A pretty compelling difference?

Get your financial future back on track today today, and look forward to 10 years time!

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